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Pickled Radish Salad

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

This pickled radish salad can get you out of a pickle if you are squeezed for time? A brilliant way to elevate any dish instantly.

If you are like me who desires pickle with every meal but also wants to avoid the copious amount of oil it carries, then this recipe is definitely for you. You can, not only make it in flash and enjoy it without any guilt attached, it is loaded with a ton of nutrition.

The benefits of radishes are countless. It contains a good amount of fiber to aid a fully functioning digestive system helping with smooth bowel movements and reduces constipation. It also helps to reinforce the stomach lining and guard other tissues in the gut from gastric ulcers.

Radish has excellent antifungal properties that are effective against strains of Candida bacteria that cause oral infection. It also contains a good level of potassium and help in balancing blood pressure for those with hypertension. Vitamin C in radishes is a powerful antioxidant that not only improves the skin but also a vital nutrient in supporting the immune system helping ward away illnesses such as the flu or the common cold and prevent certain types of cancers.

Apart from all the vitamins in radishes, they also have phosphorous and zinc. These, when combined, can help get rid of dryness, acne, and rashes. Furthermore, radishes also have high water content and keep the body naturally hydrated plus it is perfect for weight loss.

So incorporate radish in your daily diet to invigorate your health, skin, and overall well-being.

Skip to recipe Pickled Radish Salad or continue reading for tips and stages of making the recipe

Photo: Radish, Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon/Lime, Salt, Coriander

Stages of Making - 3 Simple steps

1. Slice radish and chop coriander

Thinly slice radish into circular discs. Using a mandolin slicer can help speed up the process and also slice it evenly. Cut lemon to squeeze and chop coriander for garnish.

2. Add seasoning and mix

Add apple cider vinegar, Lemon juice, and salt to sliced radish in the bowl and mix. Make sure to take a non-metal bowl as the acid from vinegar and lemon juice react with metal and impart a metallic taste to the dressing. Also, try and use a non-metallic spoon to mix.

3. Sprinkle with garnish

Garnish the pickle with your choice of herb. I have used coriander, readily available from my herb garden.

Can the radish leaves be used and in what way?

Definitely! radish leaves can be used in multiple ways. One doesn't have to discard it unless they are wilted and/or close to rotting. Add chopped radish leaves into the pickle as a garnish and to infuse additional radish flavour. Pureed or chopped radish leaves can be added to paratha dough, bread dough, or savoury snacks like mathri, crackers, or baked chips. How about juicing them along with other fruits and veggies. Check out my Beveragery Category for juice ideas.

Variation to the pickled radish?

Radishes do not necessarily have to be sliced in a circular shape. It can be shredded or julienned or cubed into tiny pieces. All shapes look and taste amazing. Just keep in mind to not cut them too thick.

Let's not restrict ourselves to pickling radishes by itself. Mix it up with other root vegetables like carrot, beetroot, ginger, sweet potatoes, turnip (shaljam), etc. or veggies like purple cabbage, beans, cucumber, zucchini, rhubarb, and so on. We can also add whole spices like cloves (lavang), Peppercorns (kali mirch), coriander seeds (dhania seeds), cinnamon stick (daalchini), Carom seeds (ajwain), Cumin seeds (jeera), Caraway seeds (shahi jeera), etc. I think you got the idea.

Garnish options?

The obvious garnish option is herbs like coriander that I have used in this recipe. The other herbs that can go well are thyme, dill, rosemary, parsley, mint (use sparingly as this herb has its own strong flavour),...I sometimes like to add chopped green or red chilies to turn up the heat. For a colour burst go for edible flowers and petals.

How to serve pickled radish?

Pickled radish can be used in a range of ways. Serve it by itself as an accompaniment with a meal. I personally like it with chole bhature or with thick gravy curry and naan or as sides with biryani.

You can add it to burgers, sandwiches, wrap, tacos, rolls, over toast, etc. for an additional tangy flavour. I sometimes also mix it with salads to give another dimension to simple salads. You see options are infinite.

Can the pickle be made ahead of time and how to store it?

Although this pickle is quick to make (10 mins), it can be made ahead of time and stored for weeks in the refrigerator. Ensure to store it in sterilised airtight glass container and all the radishes should be well covered with the liquid solution. For longer life fill a glass jar with sliced radishes. Boil vinegar, lemon juice, salt along with water and a little bit of sugar in a saucepan for few minutes and pour it over radishes. Cover it with an airtight lid. When cooled, store it in the refrigerator. Note: radishes should be well submerged in the boiled liquid (brine). The addition of sugar not only adds a sweet hint to the pickle but also acts as a preservative. However, you can skip the sugar if you like.

Final result

Throw together coupla ingredients and produce a tangy crunchy side course to go with any dish or meal. Not to mention its added nutritional benefits to the diet.

Love the look of floating red rim contrasting white insides in tinted pink brine. Utterly gorgeous. Freckles of green coriander simply enhances the loveliness.

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