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Cantaloupe Mint Salad

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Cantaloupe Mint Salad is incredibly simple and quick to make while still tasting sensational. It is a must-have for every recipe collection.

Whether you are crunched for time or not, whether making it for a private meal or picnic, whether it is summer or winter this salad is for sure a winner. I mean, how can one ever go wrong with this vibrant hue, floral honey fragrance, and the freshness of mint?

The key is to pick the correct cantaloupe at the proper stage of ripeness. How do we achieve that? It's easy, look for a firm cantaloupe that has light peach colour rind hidden under the intricate netted pattern. Also, give it a sniff. If you can't smell it, it's not ripe but if you get a sweet divine scent then you have just hit a jackpot. Grab it and run....hahaha... I am just kidding.... pay and take it home.

If you're not so lucky and all that's available in the market are green or underripe, you may still buy them and keep them on the countertop for a few days until they mature, and then you'll be ready to prepare this salad.

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Photo: Cantaloupe, Mint leaves, Himalayan Pink Salt, and Raw sugar (optional only when cantaloupe isn't sweet enough)

Stages of Making - 2 Simple steps

1. Chopping Cantaloupe and Mint leaves

Chop cantaloupe into 1-2 cm cubes/pieces and place them in a large salad bowl. Chop Mint leaves into thin strips and sprinkle them on chopped cantaloupe.

2. Add seasoning and mix

Mix in a sprinkle of Himalayan pink salt to boost the sweetness and flavour. Only add raw sugar if the cantaloupe is not sufficiently sweet.

Allow the salad to sit for 10 minutes. The cantaloupe will release a small amount of liquid which will glisten the salad and serve as a salad dressing. The best part is to sip on leftover juices.

How do you know when a cantaloupe is ripe?

The simplest method to tell if a cantaloupe is ripe is by its scent. The fruit should smell sweet and somewhat musky. An excellent cantaloupe is weighty for its size and a stem end that gives slightly when squeezed with your thumb.

If the cantaloupe has an astringent or sour odour, it is overripe and about to spoil. So these ones aren't suitable for the salad.

What type of mint to use?

Spearmint is my favourite pick, which is also widely accessible in stores. But, hey, you can always experiment with different varieties of mint to create a unique mint flavour profile,

such as Lemon balm for subtle lemon scent, Chocolate mint for chocolaty minty flavour (no brainer), apple mint for a moderate mint and somewhat fruity fragrance, and so on.

Can one use other sweeteners instead of sugar?

Absolutely!!! Instead of sugar, you can use any sweetener you like for example stevia, coconut sugar, or monk fruit sugar. Honey complements many varieties of melon. If honey isn't your thing, try maple syrup or golden syrup.

Variation ideas

You may put your own spin on this salad in a variety of ways, such as the ones listed below.

Shapes: Make the salad more eye-catchy by chopping cantaloupe in a different shape form such as make spheres of cantaloupe using a melon baller or cutting out stars or heart shapes using a cookie cutter.from thick slices of cantaloupe.

Other Melons and fruits: Make it more colourful by including different types of melon, such as rockmelon, watermelon, and so on. Berries can be a great addition not just for colour but also for flavour.

Herb options: I adore mint in this salad since it has a wonderful ability to accentuate the freshness. However, you can always experiment with different herbs, such as coriander, chives, thyme, dill, and so on, in addition to mint, to give additional depth to the flavour.

Is it possible to make the salad ahead of time?

Cantaloupe may be chopped and kept in the fridge for up to two days in a container. Since mint wilts and seasoning causes cantaloupe to lose more moisture, it's best to add the mint and seasonings 10 minutes before serving to keep the salad fresh and crisp.

We can marvel at it all day, but preparing and eating it is much more sweeter. Let's put this on the menu for today.

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