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An effective way to prevent cut Apples from browning...

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Frustrated to see apple slices go brown. Do you wanna keep them white and fresh for a longer time? Follow my super simple hack and you'll be laughing.

How many times have kids brought those cut apples back home untouched? Simply because apples had gone brown and were unappetizing. Makes you go all red with rage. The last thing you need is a waste of fruit and your effort gone down the drain.

Try my easy home hack to save your effort and help prep your meal ahead of time.

  1. Take 1 liter of water in a bowl.

  2. Add 1 tsp of salt. Mix and place cut apples into the salty water.

  3. Leave it for 3-4 minutes.

  4. Drain the apples.

  5. This will keep apples from browning for the entire day.

  6. Pack them for a snack or add it to your fruit salad

Who would have thought basic salt and water will do the trick. Go ahead and try this with Pears, Potatoes, Carrot, and Eggplant.

Many use lemon juice instead, but from my experience it doesn't last long. Lemon also leaves a sour taste behind which alters the taste of actual fruit or vegetable. If using fruits in custard, then definitely stay away from the lemon. It will split the milk. Salt and water are the best option. It has never disappointed me.


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