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How to rim glasses for drinks or desserts...

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Impress your guests with this swanky little hack to rim the glass. Jazz up your drink or dessert instantly and make a jaw-dropping statement.

Why rim the glass? Well, firstly for a very obvious reason, to make it attractive. It looks like a crystally halo circling over the glass. Secondly, for not so obvious reason is to add flavour and a new dimension to the drink or dessert. Yes, "flavour". If you rim the glass with the ingredient that compliments your drink or dish then you'll be surprised how beautifully it elevates the taste.

Wanna know more then keep reading. I have shared some good examples of combinations and variations along with basic steps on how to rim the glass.

All that's needed are two things, a liquid, and a dry ingredient. The liquid is required to wet the glass surface and dry ingredients to stick to the wet surface. Now follow the following steps to create a gorgeous edible rim that I made for my Watermelon Refresher.

Step 1: Wet the glass rim

Cut lime/lemon into half or a wedge. Place the cut side of the lime over the rim of the glass and rub it along the entire rim just enough to moisten the glass edge. Make sure not to squeeze the lemon. We do not want juice dripping down the sides.

Alternatively, you can pour the juice in a saucer or flat shallow plate which is wider than the glass rim. Ensure that the juice level is only 2 -3 mm high. Dip the glass rim evenly (dip it straight in and not at an angle) in the juice to moisten it.

Step 2: Spread dry ingredient on a plate

Spread the dry ingredient (Himalayan Pink Salt in this case) on a flat shallow plate that is wider than the glass rim.

Step 3: Put it together

Invert wet glass rim in a dry ingredient that is spread out on a flat surface or plate. Twist or wiggle the glass slightly on the plate to cover the wet rim with dry ingredients. Lift the glass off the plate and gently tap it to get off any loose dry ingredients.

Repeat steps 1 to 3 with the rest of the glasses. Keep in mind to lightly shake or spread the dry ingredient again for even spread before starting step 1 for each glass.

Step 4: Pour drink into the glass

Beautifully rimmed glass is ready for your drink. Carefully pour the drink into the center of the glass without touching the prepared rim or else you will have to do it all over again. Enjoy and impress your guests with this wonderful hack.

The drink is not the only thing you can serve in a rimmed glass or lemon juice and salt is also not the only way to rim the glass. There are several options for liquid and dry and varied combo to use on the glass rim and to pair with the dish that you are serving.


Basic: The basic liquid option is water which is great but is tasteless, so use it only if you do not want any other flavour interference.

Acidic or sour: Lemon or Lime juice is best to provide tartness.

Sweet-sour: Use fruit juice or fruit cutting for fruity flavours like oranges, pineapple, kiwifruit, etc.

Extra sweet: Use simple syrup, maple syrup, golden syrup, caramel sauce, or chocolate sauce to impart sweet indulgence.

Dry Ingredients

Salty: Any type of salt that you like basic table salt, my favourite is Himalayan pink salt. You can also use other intense flavoured salts like smoked salt, black salt, sea salt, gray salt. However, use these sparingly, or else it will overpower your drink/dish.

Sweet: This is the obvious one, granulated sugar. Use white sugar, brown sugar, raw sugar, etc. you can also make the rim look vibrant by using coloured sugar. This gave me an idea to make a post on how to make coloured sugar. You can not only use it for rim decoration but also cake and cookies decorations and dessert presentation.

Crushed candies, praline, crushed frozen fruits are also another way to get sweetness, colour, and flavour.

Other flavours: You can mix many other ingredients mixed with salt or sugar to accentuate different flavour profiles.

Herby - Mix dried herbs like crushed rosemary, thyme, basil, coriander, mint, etc. with salt. Mint and salt-rimmed glass will be amazing to serve Indian buttermilk.

Spicy - Mix a small amount of your choice of spice with salt or sugar such as red chili powder, cinnamon, crushed black pepper, ginger powder, turmeric, and so on. Chaat masala and salt rim glass will be great to serve chopped fruits. Chili and sugar rim glass to spice up a mild drink.

Citrusy - Mix lemon/orange/grapefruit zest with sugar to add citrus flavour and colour to the rim.

Tropical - Desiccated coconut/toasted coconut shavings will go perfectly well with Piña Colada jello shots or drink. Crushed tropical freeze-dried fruits (pineapple, mango, Lychee) to add a tropical vibe.

Crunchy - Crushed biscuits or cookies rimming will be apt for cheesecake in a glass.

Nutty - Crushed almonds, cashews, hazelnuts... in fact any nuts will grace the rim serving desserts or milkshakes or ice cream. I use crushed pistachio rim glass to serve kheer or puddings.

The list can go on. It is up to your imagination and creativity. Experiment with other ingredients and have fun. For instance, try using chia seeds to rim the glass for chia seed pudding or aamras. How about that?

In essence, chose a riming liquid flavour that can compliment the drink or dessert, or dish you are serving. For instance, if you are serving a sweet drink then rim the glass with lemon juice and salt. The acidity of lemon and saltiness of salt will not only cut through the sweetness of the drink but will also bring out the sweetness of the drink. Similarly, if you are serving a tart drink then rim the glass with sweet syrup and sugar to balance the tartness of the drink. Sometimes, sweet goes well with more sweet and makes it a more indulging experience like caramel sauce with chocolate shaving glass rim to go with sticky date pudding.

Try this hack and make a stunning impression.


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