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How to deseed and peel avocados...

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

You love avocado but hate the added mess deseeding and peeling creates, especially when you have a bunch of them to do. I have some easy tricks for you to make it a whole lot easier.

It can get tricky to handle avocado when cutting it open. Particularly, the notoriously slippery pip. How to get it out without touching it or smearing our fingers with avocado pulp? If we somehow manage to remove the pip, there is an ordeal of deskinning the avocado. Wanna know how to make this entire process a breeze? Keep reading...

Below I have listed easy steps with detailed photos to guide you through each action.

Deseeding Avocado

Step 1:

Either place the avocado on a work surface or hold it in one hand. Hold a large, sharp knife in the other hand. Make a lengthwise cut, slicing until the blade hits the seed. Hold the knife steady and rotate the avocado, cutting around the seed.

I like to snip the tip of the avocado first. It makes it easy to slide the knife into avocado without slipping on the skin. It is an optional step if you are comfortable without cut the top of the avocado.

Step 2:

Hold fruit between both the palm. Give it a twist and pull along the slit made in step 1. The two halves should come right apart exposing the seed.

Step 3:

Pick up the half with the seed in it or leave it on the work surface. Carefully whack the knife into the seed, twist the seed out of the avocado. Pull the seed with your hand or pop it off by scraping the edge of the knife on the sink or rim of a bowl.

Note: Gently tap the seed with a knife with enough force so that the knife-edge wedges into the seed, but not so hard that it cuts all the way through it. It is important to get the power of the knife just right. With some practice, you will nail it.

Pop the seed by scraping the seed on the rim of a bowl.

Peeling Avocado

Option 1:

If you want big wedges then halve each half avocado lengthwise (see the photo below). Pick up an avocado wedge. Pinch the peel of the avocado from the top narrow tip and gently pull the skin away from the avocado flesh. If the avocado is ripe the skin should peel off easily.

If you do not want to keep the half avocado flesh intact then do not cut it into wedges, simply proceed with pinching and peeling the skin.

Option 2:

Instead of peeling the skin, you can also scoop the flesh using a spoon. Run the edge of the spoon along the rim of the skin and gradually push it under the flesh towards the center in a circular motion. Flesh releases from the skin and comes out in one piece.

Try this hack and make your AVO-life smooth.


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