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Chocolate Ganache

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Chocolate Ganache. Ooh! So fancy and complex... Psst, it actually isn't. Make it with just two ingredients. No cream, just chocolate, and any guesses?

Have you ever been intimidated and wondered how ganache is made that looks so decadent and complicated? As a matter of fact, it is the most simplest and easiest thing to create in a fraction of time. Warm-up two ingredients, mix it and have it ready to enjoy.

Ganache is so multifaceted, that just by altering its consistency, it can be utilised in numerous different ways. Use it as a glaze to cover the cake like professionals (Classy Chocolate Ganache cake). Thin it to use as chocolate sauce or fondue to dip churros, fruits, marshmallows, biscuits, etc. Drizzle it over croissants, desserts, ice-creams for that additional chocolatey touch. Thicken it and whip it to make magnificent cupcake topping or pipe it into beautiful cake decoration. Keep it in the fridge to semi-solidify and roll it into delectable chocolate balls to savour. Spread it over burfi or slices or fill tarts to give your sweets a sophisticated edge.

You know what I like to do. I make extra and hide it in the fridge behind other containers. Every time I pass by, scoop a spoon full and lick on it when no one's watching. Shhh... It's a secret not for sharing. But I can't keep my other ingredient a secret anymore.

Drum roll please.... .... ... ... It is milk.

Skip to recipe Chocolate Ganache Recipe or continue reading for tips and stages of making the recipe

Here are the ingredient and tools needed that are easily found in most of the (Q)kitchen

Good quality cooking chocolate block and full-fat/low-fat milk.

Stages of Making - 3 Simple steps

1. Chop

Chop cooking chocolate blocks into small pieces. It makes it easy and faster for the chocolate to melt without burning it.

2. Heat

Place chopped chocolate pieces in a heatproof glass jug/container. Pour milk over the chocolate pieces and warm it in the microwave. Alternatively, you can warm it in a DIY double boiler - Deep large saucepan filled with 3 cm height hot water and heatproof glass or metal bowl that sits snuggly on top of the saucepan making sure the base of the bowl is not touching the water. Place the double boiler on gas top and heat on low flame.

3. Whisk

Stir heated chocolate and milk mixture with the help of a whisk. If using a microwave, then pull the jug out of the microwave and stir the mixture and if using a double boiler stir the mixture while heating on low flame. Initially, you will find chocolate being lumpy. Don't worry, it hasn't split. Simply continue stirring. Eventually, it will come together into a smooth, silky, shiny, and thick sauce consistency.

The chocolate ganache is ready for use.

How to avoid or remove air bubbles in ganache?

Many would suggest stirring slowly to avoid introducing air bubbles. But from my experience, I have found it hard to avoid air bubbles in the ganache. So, I came up with a handy way to remove it and it works like a charm every time.

The trick is to pass ganache through a sieve. The sieve catches air bubbles and lets the smooth ganache flow through it into another bowl or over cake if covering the cake with ganache. Voilà! There you have it. A smooth, silky, bubble-free ganache.

Can ganache be made using dark chocolate?

Absolutely yes. You can make dark chocolate ganache or a mix of dark and milk chocolate ganache. All you have to do is replace milk chocolate from my recipe with your choice of chocolate but make sure to use good quality brand cooking chocolate. The higher % of cocoa solids, the better chocolate it is. Do not use the chocolate bars in fancy packaging. Those are great to be eaten as is or for gifting but not suitable for cooking.

The milk cooking chocolate that I use has 32% cocoa solid and dark cooking chocolate has 52% cocoa solids. Note, dark chocolate will be bitter in taste so use it for those who have a palate for dark chocolate. Mixing milk and dark chocolate can give you a good balance of deep colour, intense chocolate taste, and sweetness. Having said that, milk chocolate ganache is a popular choice by most for the obvious reason that it is sweeter.

Variations of ganache?

Depending on what you are using ganache for, you can adjust its consistency by increasing or decreasing liquid content (milk). My recipe gives a thick flowy consistency perfect to glaze cake or ganache cake with a shiny finish or to create chocolate drips on the cake edge. To make it thicker, either add less milk or add more chocolate pieces, or cool it in the fridge for a few minutes until it thickens to your desired consistency.

- To make chewy chocolate balls, halve milk quantity and refrigerate to cool and thicken further to be able to scoop it into small balls.

- For dipping sauce or fondue, you can use the same consistency as my recipe creates. If you like it thinner, then you can thin it by adding additional milk. Start with 1 tsp at a time until you have reached your desired thin consistency.

- For the frosting, use thick consistency of ganache, let it cool to room temperature, and whip/beat it till it is light and fluffy.

Flavouring ganache?

Ganache by itself tastes heavenly. However, a little flavouring can take your ganache to another outstanding level.

Coffee Flavour: Add 1 tbsp of brewed black coffee along with milk for coffee and chocolate fanatics.

Vanilla Flavour: Add 1 tsp of vanilla extract for a hint of vanilla aroma.

Jaffa Flavour: Add 1 tsp of orange extract (or 3-4 drops of good quality edible essential oil) for orangey chocolate taste. mmm...I love this flavour combo.

Mint Flavour: Add 1 tsp of mint extract (or 3-4 drops of good quality edible essential oil) for after-dinner chocolate mint freshness.

Spiced Flavour: Add 1/4 tsp of chili powder for heat kick. Experiment with other spices like cinnamon, cardamom.

Salty Flavour: Add 1/4 tsp of salt flakes to enhance the sweetness and saltiness.

Go wild with the flavours. Experiment and have fun. Wonder how the rose flavour would taste like?

What is the shelf life of ganache?

Store it in a heatproof glass container. This recipe will keep for a week in the refrigerator. Note, it will thicken and turn into semi-solid consistency in the fridge. Simply, warm it in the microwave for a few seconds or in a double boiler for a few minutes and it should be ready to use. You can also freeze it for a couple of months. For use, thaw it and warm as mentioned above.

I know, you soooo want to dive in and lick it. Don't hold yourself back, make it now and flatter your loved ones.

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