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Sticky Date Pudding - Vegan

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Get ready to date in cold winter. I have a perfect partner for you. It is sweet, warm, and gingerly dressed in decadent caramel sauce. Elegance with comfort.

~ "Sticky Date Pudding” ~

I don’t know why but when temperature drops and the weather gets chilly, I start craving for a warm dessert. Do you get the same desire? If yes, then you must try this Vegan Sticky Date Pudding. It is super soft, moist, spongy, and sweet with a hint of ginger spice. Oh yes, do not forget to pour caramel sauce over the date pudding. It is a marriage made in heaven.

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Below are pictures of all the stages of making sticky date pudding. Soaking dates in water along with bicarb soda is crucial. This will help plump up and soften dates. Ensure to save the water that dates were soaked in. This water is laden with date flavour and sweetness. It will be used later to make date pudding batter. Puree the date to a paste consistency. Don't worry if tiny pieces of dates exist.

“Let's get dating”

My recipe asks for self-raising flour which gives a fabulous result but if for some reason you are not able to source it then you can make your own self-rising flour using 1 cup plain flour and 2 tsp baking powder. It is important to mix plain flour and baking powder thoroughly and sieve. Repeat mixing and sieving process one more time. This will help the baking powder to be distributed evenly in plain flour and for the cake to have uniform bubbles throughout which gives nice sponginess. Do not skip the mixing and sieving process if making your own self-rising flour.

Add all the dry and wet ingredients in a mixing bowl. Add the saved-up date water and date puree. Beat the mixture until the batter turns lighter in colour and fluffier.

Look at the batter. All light, fluffy and creamy. Perfect consistency.

Pour the batter in greased and baking paper-lined tray and bake

How do we know the cake is baked perfectly?

Although I have given the tray measurement and baking time in my recipe, this can change as every oven is different and not necessarily the tray would meet the exact measurement guide. So, I would recommend using a skewer test to check if the cake is baked completely or not. Always insert a skewer in the centre of the cake (not the sides) and insert it all the way to the base of the cake and pull. If the skewer comes out clean, then it is done baking. Take the cake out and turn the oven off. If the skewer comes out sticky and/or with wet crumbs attached then the cake needs more baking time. If you pull the cake out early then the cake will sink from the centre and make it dense.

Another factor that will affect the baking time is the amount and height of batter in the tray. If the tray is a few cms smaller then recommended, then the height of the batter will increase which will result in more baking time.

If you are dividing the batter into smaller baking trays or medium-sized cupcake baking tray, then the amount of batter reduces for each tray resulting in a reduction of baking time. For the medium-sized cupcakes, you may require only 15 to 20 mins baking time, while for mini cupcakes, you may require only 10 -12 mins baking time.

So, keep this tip in mind for the best results.

What if you have slightly over baked and the sides and base are charred?

Don't worry, you can still salvage the cake by trimming the charred edges. The cake will be moistened with the help of caramel sauce.

But if the cake is way overcooked then I am afraid the cake has gone beyond repair.

Final result

mm... mmm...mmm.... that beautiful date pudding aroma is already making me drool. See how scrumptiously rich, moist, and decadent it looks, especially when drizzled generously with delectably thick and sticky caramel sauce.

Add it to your party menu or take it for a potluck gathering. Create an instant crowd-pleaser.

What are you waiting for?

This is the easiest and luscious dessert to make. Crank up the oven, make it, and enjoy it this winter.

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Definitely a big hit with my family and friends and colleagues. Have made this numerous times and can't get enough of it each time I bake it.😋

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