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Banana Choc Cake - Vegan

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Have over-ripe bananas sitting around and tempted to toss them? Hold your horses. Here is a perfect recipe to capture all the health beneficial antioxidants ~ "Banana Choc Cake - Vegan” ~

Bananas are my family's favourite snack but not when it ripens, and the peel develops brown spots. Unfortunately, this is when bananas are most ignored. But you know what, this is the ideal time when bananas are at its best with an abundance of nutrition.

Yes, you read it correctly. Overripe bananas are rich in antioxidants and provide numerous health beneficial nutrients. I have gone through so many articles praising about all its advantages that I had to incorporate ripen bananas back into our diet in a way that no one can resist. Banana choc cake did the trick.

Skip to recipe Banana Choc Cake - Vegan Recipe or continue reading for tips and stages of making the recipe

All you need is ripe bananas and a few common ingredients found in every (Q)Kitchen.

Stages of Making - 4 Simple steps

1. Mash bananas

2. Sieve dry ingredients

3. Fold banana puree, flour, and chocolate chips

4. Pour batter into a baking tray and bake

How do we know the cake is baked perfectly?

Although I have given the tray measurement and baking time in my recipe, this can change as every oven is different and not necessarily the tray would meet the exact measurement guide. So, I would recommend using a skewer test to check if the cake is baked completely or not. Always insert a skewer in the centre of the cake (not the sides) and insert it all the way to the base of the cake and pull. If the skewer comes out clean, then it is done baking. Take the cake out and turn the oven off. If the skewer comes out sticky and/or with wet crumbs attached, then the cake needs more baking time. If you pull the cake out early, then the cake will sink from the centre and make it dense.

Another factor that will affect the baking time is the amount and height of batter in the tray. If the tray is a few cms smaller then recommended, then the height of the batter will increase which will result in more baking time.

If you are dividing the batter into smaller baking trays or medium-sized cupcake baking tray, then the amount of batter reduces for each tray resulting in a reduction of baking time. For the medium-sized cupcakes, you may require only 15 to 20 mins baking time, while for mini cupcakes, you may require only 10 -12 mins baking time.

So, keep this tip in mind for the best results.

What if you have slightly over baked and the sides and base are charred?

Don't worry, you can still salvage the cake by trimming the charred edges. The cake will still taste delicious.

But if the cake is way overcooked then I am afraid the cake has gone beyond repair.

Final result

Look at this freshly baked banana choc cake. Golden crispy outside and crumbly inside with floating melted chocolate nuggets throughout. The smell is irresistible. I am sorry friends, but I can't hold myself anymore. I am going for a slice right away. nom...nom...nom...

Have it lightly toasted in breakfast or with afternoon tea or for dessert. It fits in any part of the meal.

What are you waiting for?

Grab those ignored bananas, ingredients from your pantry, and follow 4 easy making stages. Enjoy it.

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