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"Anyone can create magic in the Kitchen"

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Qitchenery founder Niti - My Story
Qitchenery founder - Niti Photo

Hey there, welcome to my blog Qitchenery. 


I grew up in a family and married to a family in India where everything revolves around food. Be it a wedding, get-together, picnic, short catch-up, or neighbour knocking at our door to chat, the conversation always starts with what would you like to eat. This stuck with me all the way to Australia.

For every occasion, I always liked to come up with a different dish or add a twist to the traditional dish. That quest to create led me to love cooking, experimenting, and designing new vegetarian and vegan dishes.

So come on the Qitchenery journey with me and learn to weave your magic in your own Qitchen. 

Qitchenery - Niti
Vegetarian Home Cooking - Qitchenery


Vegetarian and Vegan cooking has endless possibilities.

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